Virtual Escape Room Experience Now Available

You can now play our Candy Factory 2: Land of Sweets game virtually! Using our software, you and your team will login and be greeted by a game moderator, who will go through a brief introduction and make sure that everyone’s equipment is working. From that point on, the game moderator will be your eyes, ears, and hands in the room as you play the game.

*For those who have played our Candy Factory 2: : Land of Sweets game in person, no puzzles have been changed.

How much does it cost?/ How many people can play?

Instead of paying for the number of players you have, you’ll be paying for the total number of devices you’ll be using during the game.

Our price for the virtual game is $15 per device.

We have set a minimum of two devices and a maximum of six devices. You are welcome to all play on one device, but you will still have to pay the two device price.

How does it work?

1. Book online at and reserve a time to play!

  • All of our virtual games are currently private games, so you will not be playing with people you don’t know

2. You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase, and then a second confirmation email with instructions on how to log in.

  • Be sure to keep an eye out for the second confirmation email, as the information it contains is required to play the game. Make sure that you share this information with everyone who is playing!

3. Log in around 10 minutes before your start time, so you can test your connection and your game moderator can explain the game to you.

4. Direct the game moderator, who will be live in the physical escape room, to explore, read clues, open boxes and give a helpful hint when desired.

5. Complete the game within the 60 minute time limit.

6. If desired, the game moderator will be available at the end of the game to discuss different parts of the game. 

Technical Requirements

You will need the following to play our virtual game:

– A desktop or laptop computer (Elements for our game interface will not show on small displays).
– The built-in camera on your device or an external webcam

– The built-in microphone on your device or a headset
– Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari Internet Browser