Experiences at Escape Room Hershey

Enchanted Forest

You and your friends have been selected to offer your village’s tributes to the Fairy Queens for the Summer Solstice.

You must gather everything for your tributes, and then make your way through the tricks and traps set throughout the Enchanted Forest so you can offer your tributes.

Will you make it in time, or will you be lost in the Enchanted Forest?

1920’s Investigation

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties! You are detectives who have been called to a local jazz lounge, which has just been closed under suspicion of illegal activity.

The owners of the establishment have been arrested, but you need to find evidence to charge them within one hour, or else they’ll be released.

Can you find the evidence in time?

Museum of Magic

You and your friends are on a trip to the Museum of Magic, a place where the secrets of magicians throughout history are revealed.

As you enter the first exhibit, the door closes behind you with an ominous click. You’re trapped!

Can you use the secrets found in the exhibits to find an exit, or will you be spending the night in the Museum of Magic?

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