Private Events:

Escape Room Hershey has hosted both local and foreign companies alike to help build on communication, cooperation, problem solving, and critical thinking for teams.

Our facility can accommodate up to 36 people at one time, and we do so by splitting large groups into smaller teams of 6-12 participants. Our building hosts 1 copy of each experience.

(i.e. We do not have 2 of the same room for races or competitive teams; however, our Wizard’s Lab and Roaring 1920’s Investigation offer similar escape rates.)

Exclusive events are available outside of regular business hours Monday-Friday. Teams can register for an exclusive event by contacting our office. We can be reached by phone at (717) 298-1580, through email at [email protected], or by using our contact form.

Customized Booking:

Our facility offers customized booking options based on availability. Sometimes, large groups may wish to participate in an escape event during regular business hours, but may need more than one room. Availability pending, we can alter the start times of our events and allow large groups to start rooms at the same time! Please call us with your desired date!